Spontaneity for the non spontaneous 

I have never been known for my spontaneity.  And it’s even harder to be spontaneous when you factor in the wheelchair and my health and needing someone with me for support.  There are so many factors which just make it more complicated.  So I tend to have a very planned out life.  If I want a day trip, I need to provide at least a months notice.  There is no waking up and thinking what a nice day it is and trundling off to the seaside.

Even though I am not a spontaneous person, it still bothers me that my life is so orchestrated.  I have to be home at set times for care, I can’t do anything without checking access etc etc.

Anyway, this isn’t going to be a long grumble.  Each week(ish), I’m drawing a tarot card and reflecting on it as the week passes and it’s helping me to deepen my understanding of the cards.

Last Monday I drew the Ace of Wands.  A card all about new beginnings, about adventure, about just going for things and excitement and, yes you guessed it, spontaneity.

I didn’t think about it much throughout the week, it was a busy week and I was tired.  Then I went to pull my card for the week today and as I did so I had a think about how the Ace of Wands showed up in my life over the last week.  And actually, in my own way, I have been spontaneous.

On Monday night I booked a tattoo for Wednesday afternoon.  This on the surface seems more spontaneous than it is – I had already been in contact with the artist, knew what I wanted etc. But I was expecting the time between booking and appointment to be at least a few weeks, not two days.  This spontaneous, ‘I’ll just see if he has space on the off chance and heck if my carer is up for a road trip’ paid off really well.  I have a gorgeous tattoo and I didn’t have to spend ages trying to coordinate everyone involved (me, tattoo place, carer with car who is willing to drive that far and care agency).

Whilst it wasn’t completely off the bat spontaneous, it was nice to do something that hadn’t been epic-ly planned weeks in advance.

My second encounter with sponteneity didn’t go so well…  I was planning on a trip to the museum on Monday but when my carer arrived it was fantastic weather and it seemed a shame to be inside.  So we went off to a wood for a walk.  We missed the turning (overgrown hedges hid the sign) and when we finally got somewhere we could turn around there was a sign to a national trust property.  We decided we’d go there instead.  When we arrived, we found out we were an hour before opening (who opens at 10.30?!) but no worries, there is a farm shop and cafe on site.  Which doesn’t open on Mondays.  So we turned around and went back to the woods.  Where I got bitten by something evil and my leg has swollen up and is red and angry and itchy!

So, my rambling is basically my realisation that I can be spontaneous.  I just have to plan.  Which sounds contradictory.  And it is to a certain extent.  I can’t just turn up somewhere and hope they have wheelchair access.  But what I can do is collect information as I go about my life and then, when I’m feeling spontaneous or it’s a nice day or whatever, I have the info to hand so I can check if it’s viable.  Like with my tattoo, I’d already done the leg work long before I booked the appointment.

How do other people balance spontaneity with the necessary need for planning?

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