Nature and writing, the start

As I mentioned in my last post, I wanted to properly or officially start this project at the new moon, which also happens to be an eclipse.  It aligns neatly with both my planned start and the tarot reading I did.

Whilst I am starting now, August will be a gentle lead in, looking at planning and preparation.  I’m doing a stained glass course this month which is great but also taking a lot out of me so I’m being cautious about how much I can get done in terms of nature and writing.

So, I have booked onto some future learn courses and some local one day courses. I have recapped a couple of relevant future learn courses which I still have access to.  I have vaguely laid out a curriculum, for want of a better word, for the next few months.  I have started gathering resources and ideas for exercises.  I have been collecting words and phrases and facts and thoughts*.  This, fittingly for the time of year, is me harvesting and collecting seeds for the future.

I have also rediscovered OpenLearn with it’s hundreds of free online courses.  As a nice starter course, I have completed the 1 hour course, Neighbourhood Nature, which looks at trees and woodland.  I’ve looked at what they have to say about nature in the UK in August and am planning to start each month the same way.

*Glossaries are a really fun way of collecting words

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