Nature and writing, September

So, September sees the diving in of this project!!

I am kicking off with a four week Future Learn course; William Wordsworth – Poetry, People and Place.  Then a week later I start on another Future Learn course, this time focused on weather.  All going well I shall also manage a nature/writing related day trip this month as well.

In terms of my focus, I am starting at the beginning.  I am looking at what nature writing is, why we read and write it and how has it changed.  I am expecting that will probably form an essay like blog post.  Originally I was also going to look at what makes good nature writing but on reflection, I think that would be a good topic for next year once I’ve done a lot more reading and writing and learning.

Alongside that, I will also be working on some creative writing and have a collection of exercises for creating ideas and kickstarting the word magic.

My plan is to reach the end of the month with the what is nature writing post, a creative writing post (either about what I have done or my actual writing) and probably a September in review post including links and resources I’ve used.

But for now, here are a few bits and pieces I’ve already started on:

Stephen Moss on Nature Writing from Nardine Groch on Vimeo.

Seasons and Syllables: A microlecture on creating a haiku from San Jacket on Vimeo.

Life.Nature.You from Myles Thompson on Vimeo.

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