Nature and writing; September day trip

This month’s day trip was to tropical world. When I’m on trips, I’m conscious of the balance between wanting to write and photograph and document what I’m seeing whilst also actually experiencing it. This is one of the occasions the five senses activity comes in handy. You can just jot down notes about what you’re feeling and sensing and return later to make it into something more cohesive. I didn’t actually manage this as my health was poor and I wanted to get as much out of being there as possible.

I have long had such conflicted feelings about places which keep animals, like zoos and aquariums. I enjoy visiting for the most part as I do like to see the animals and find out about them. But a huge part of me knows that it’s not ok. Animals shouldn’t be kept in small enclosures without stimulation. And I know that some venues are better than others. I was lucky to grow up with Chester Zoo as my nearest animal attraction and they have a good record for conservation and looking after their animals. But even so, I remember going when I was young and seeing lions in small pens with nowhere to hide. Hearing young children screaming and shouting and trying to get the animal to perform.

I’ll come back to the topic of animals as entertainment at some point. For now, I just wanted to note the conflict I feel.

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