An interlude

So, I’ve ended up in hospital. 

If you’re reading my nature and writing posts then there are a few more already written and scheduled but soon there will be a period of radio silence.

Caption: Little nurse deer Clive at the end of a tough shift
Trigger warning: eating issues

My swallowing issues got a lot worse. Two weeks ago I got ill. I had sickness and diarrhoea, which on top of swallowing issues was not fun. I couldn’t drink enough to hydrate myself and I can’t swallow those staples of sickness, toast and ginger biscuits so I couldn’t get food in me either. It took too many days for the Dr’s to accept I wasnt going to rehydrate the regular way and a week and a half ago I was admitted to hospital. 

I am now hydrated but have only managed a few mouthfuls of ice cream and fortijuice in the last two weeks. There has been a lot of doctors saying we’ll just wait and see… 

Today I’m hopefully having a swallow test (again) and the Dr said we will be getting nutrients into me by the weekend, most likely ng tube. I feel OK in myself until I stand up, then my breathing drops and I have some weird numbness going on.

On a related note, my friend sent me a pay as you go WiFi hotspot thingy which has all you can eat data for first month. Best hospital present ever. Especially for me as I have a phone who’s only feature is a torch and a tablet which can only connect to WiFi. This means I have downloaded lots of audiobooks and TV boxsets to entertain myself. Hospital TV is pricey and rubbish and when you’re interrupted you can’t pause it. 

Expect a hospital related tips post in the future!

4 thoughts on “An interlude”

  1. Enjoy the audiobooks and I hope you see positive improvements to your health soon. I am really enjoying catching up on your plants blog posts – fascinating!

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