Haunted by peacocks

Everywhere I turn at the moment I see peacocks.  I dream of them, I stumble onto images of them when I’m not looking for them, they pop up in social media and suddenly my peacock post is more popular that it’s ever been…

Yes, it could be purely coincidence but I do believe that my mind picks up on patterns and creates synchronicity as a way of communicating my unconscious thoughts with my conscious brain.

A work in progress

When I looked back at peacock symbolism, I was reminded that it’s considered the mortal, mundane version of the phoenix.  As such it’s related to transformation, birth and rebirth and the cycle of life.  All very potent themes at this time of year and reflective of my life right now.

The phoenix is a symbol of healing, of the power of going through the fire and coming out again, of facing tough times on the way to better ones.  When I checked in with my house of helens, I realised that I am still physically healing from being sick and that I have been getting frustrated about still being numbed out emotionally despite my body not having had time to mend my figurative heart.  This healing will come only when my literal heart (and all the other muscles etc) are healed.  My body must choose where to focus its healing energy.

Another interesting observation is that as I get physically better and am starting to do things, I am starting to feel like I am too much.  This was a common theme with my anorexia, a feeling of being overwhelmed with myself and then shrinking myself because I cannot hold that feeling safely…

But back to the peacock…

Part of my exploration of the peacock and trying to unpick the message was a full moon art and tarot session.  And what should pop up on Little Red Tarot but an article about this moon decorated with peacocks…!  I had never heard of Sabian symbols but the symbol that correlates with last nights full moon chimes well with this idea:


Then there are the eyes.  Eyes are gateways from one realm to an other.  They link our minds with the external but they are also associated with seeing into the spirit world.  And my physical eyes aren’t doing so well right now and I know I haven’t processed that and I know I’m avoiding dealing with it… I also know I should confront it…

Perhaps the peacock is also asking what you aren’t seeing, or what you’re refusing to see.  Which coincidentally is what my tarot spread was about, unintentional synchronicity strikes again.  On part of the paper I’m doing a peacock painting on, I wrote the words, unthinkingly, “The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.”

Sometimes images pop up over and over again in our lives and whether you believe they are divine messages or just coincidences, I do think there is something in them to pay attention.  If they are coincidences, your brain, your unconscious, is linking them together, it’s choosing to notice the pattern.  And our minds are filled with some powerful and potent knowledge about ourselves and what we need to know and face up to and feel that to ignore these signs seems like we are just denying ourselves the opportunity for growth.

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