I’m a few days behind the flurry of good intentions and well meant resolves but I’ve not been well.  And that is a key reason why I don’t actually engage in new years resolutions.  My health is not predictable enough to commit to doing less of this or more of that.  My health also means most of the standard options are off limit.  I can’t eat more healthily or choose this year to be the one where I lose weigh.  I can’t declare that as the clock flicked to 12:01 I would become an exercise fiend.  This is not going to be the time I decide to earn more money, get a promotion or start out on a new career.  And anyway.  If you want to do any of these, just do it, don’t wait until the deep, dark winter when you’re feeling tired and sluggish and emotionally, physically and financially wiped out by the festive season.

It’s not just me, there are more and more posts out there denouncing new years resolutions.  In previous years, I’ve let Susannah Conway’s approach guide me.  She produces a helpful workbook which supports your reflection on the year past and helps you to identify what you want to embody for the year ahead.  In doing so, she encourages you to choose a word, previously mine have included ‘peace’ and ‘engage’.

This year I have a different approach.  During 2018 I learnt a lot about astrology and have found it to have more and more of an impact on my life and the cycles of my energy and mood and such.  I have incorporated this learning into my alternative to new years resolutions.  Looking at where the sun will be throughout the year – which zodiac sign – and what house this corresponds to in my birth chart, I have created 12 different statements or intentions.  So at present, the sun is in Capricorn and in my 7th house and I have identified the following:

I can work to break taboos by relating to others, building trust and tending to relationships.

Other intentions include:

I begin again.  I am open to healing, to nurturing and loving myself.  I reach for the resources to support me with this.

I choose to fight for my dreams and to pioneer new ways of being.

I clear away the image of being a martyr to my past.

Being only a month long, these are more mindsets that something concrete to achieve.  They are for me to mull over, to reflect on, to consider and to think about for that phase of the year.  Some will be more uncomfortable than others.  Some will probably take up more of my mind than others and I will go with that flow because I cannot control my health and I will trust that what will be will be.

Each month I will also use Carrie Mallon’s 2019 workbook to lean into the statement, reading my tarot cards and listening to my dreams.



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