Animal Lovers

If you’ve been around here before, you likely know I like nature and I like reading. You might also know that I write a lot about sex. So you might be thinking this is a further instalment of my bestiality series. I’m afraid to say it’s not.

This blog post is about a book, called Animal Lovers, by Rob Palk. It was brought to my attention by twitter which I tend to find is a good recommendation. The reason it was being talked about was because Rob had recently had some trouble with PIP… Personal Independence Payments. For background, and a sample of Rob’s writing, you can turn to a Guardian article from October.

If you aren’t aware, the process for claiming any benefits is one of horror films. There is constant fear, suspense, gas lighting and torture. There is life and death.

But back to the book as this isn’t supposed to be a post about the agonies of the benefits system. I already did that. In poetry non the less.

The blurb tells us…

“When Stuart married Marie, who saved his life, he didn’t expect her to leave him to protest the badger cull. Stuart can care about badgers too – if it means getting his wife back. But out in the woods animal instincts are stirring. Stuart’s about to enter a world of sexy witches, militant vegans and gun-toting farmers in this dark comedy about nature and love.”

One of the things I loved most about this book was the descriptive language:

“Darkness dropped mid-afternoon, and with it came a cold that snuck under our gloves and through the gaps in our buttons, wrapping itself round our bones.”

“Empty evenings, where if you speak it leaves a fingerprint on the silence, silence that shifts around the words before swallowing them, a silence louder than sound.”

It was a fun yet tragic story that I enjoyed and passed on to a friend as soon as I’d finished it. It was also one of those books that made me wonder what the characters were getting up to once I’d closed the covers.

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