Animal Spirit Cards

I am creating a series of posts about the animals found in my animal spirit decks and thought it would be helpful to have them all in one place.  I will add to this list as I progress.

A note on Spirit Animal Appropriation

Note, these are all unofficial and unaffiliated, they are my interpretations of the cards.

The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Cards

Animal Dreaming

Animal Allies

I’m working slowly through these as they come up in my nature and writing project so for some of the animals, I’ve suggested some similar posts to look at in the meantime:

NB, I’ll only be looking at those cards which I haven’t already looked at in the wild unknown and animal dreaming decks.  I may come back and look at them through an animal allies perspective but that’s a much longer term hope.

Animal Totem Tarot

Again, this is just going to be those animals I haven’t looked at with other decks and because these are tarot cards not oracle cards, you’ll probably get a better understanding if you find out about the tarot card as well.

Some bonus plants and animals!

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