Chronic pain cookbook

As you may already know, I have a chronic pain condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.  My hands are the most affected part of my body and this makes everyday things like cooking very difficult.  As they were worsening, I found that there were fewer and fewer things I could manage to cook.  So I did what I always do, I looked online for advice.  But there didn’t seem to be much… there was a lot about using food to make yourself well again but not much on food that you can prepare when you have chronic pain.  So instead I put together my own advice and recipes.

It’s based entirely on me, my likes and dislikes, my pain and my situation so it won’t be entirely spot on for other people.

Unfortunately, since having the idea of the chronic pain cookbook, my pain has deteriorated too much and I now need carers to cook for me but I hope it is of help to someone.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, feedback and recipe suggestions.

Chronic Pain Cookbook Version 1

5 thoughts on “Chronic pain cookbook”

  1. I am fortunate to not have to deal with chronic pain of any magnitude (some recent foot issues, etc, but seemingly on the mend) but this looks like a great cookbook even for those of us who just crave simple, satisfying meals that can be made quite quickly!

  2. I really enjoyed that you put together a cookbook for people with chronic pain. I find many of the items you added in,in the “bubbles”, are basic things that I practice as well. One thing that I would add to it is always make two or three extra servings of everything you cook! I can’t get up and do every day so when I get up into the kitchen I make a large portion of food items. This entails making, for example, a large selection of chopped up root vegetables brushed with olive oil and a light sprinkling of sea salt, that I then bake in the oven for an hour and after it’s taken out it’s divided into two or three glass bowls and popped into the fridge. I do the same with beans and wild rices. I also recently learned that you can take organic veggies like say green beans, chopped them up, add them to boiling water for no longer than a minute, and then pour the hot water out and dump the green beans into a bowl of ice that effectively blanching them. Blanching is essentially freezing a fresh vegetable which then needs to be transferred to a Ziploc bag and put into your freezer for later use. While that defeats the purpose of purchasing already frozen veggies, it only takes a half an hour to process them and then I know that they’re definitely organic and they’re in my freezer just waiting for those days when I can’t cook.
    Blessings to you, hope today is a better day

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