In an attempt to ground myself during a morning of anxiety, I tried to pay attention to how I was feeling, identify each element with the hope that setting it out in writing, would help to lessen the overwhelming emotion.  I’m not sure it really helped but I do now have a poem out of it:

Blood rushes through the body
Filling the heart with blackness
Jaw tightens and
Face contorts
Hands shudder and shake
The mind melts, amorphous,
Skin prickles with cold vulnerability
Trapped, yet yearning to be embraced
Desperate for release, for relief
Fearfilled anticipate surges
Fuelling heels to run, keep running
Running away from the betraying body

This will pass.

This will pass.

Creative Writing Retreat Part 3

In case you missed them:

We looked at a poem by Lao-Tzu (translated by Timothy Leary) called All Things Pass.  Once we’d read it, we wrote a list of things that pass and then used that to write a poem.  It was a really interesting exercise and it was great how varied everyone’s work was.

All things pass

All things pass

Stars, even

Constellations now ghosts of myths

Rock solid North Star

Guiding sailors for lifetimes

No longer hangs

In the tapestry

Of the sky

All things pass


All things pass


Autumn steals the summer’s warmth

Hibernation tugs at souls

Slowing into desolate months


All things pass


Skelton trees, bleak shadows of former selves

Finally, Orion, Greek hunter, pierces the dark

Pinprick beacons of hope


All things pass


Sunlight revives winter weary bones

Fresh, vibrant shoots burst through soil

A patchwork quilt of colour surrounds


All things pass


At last, sunrise to sunset stretches

Ahead with possibility and energy

Perseid meteors scatter short-lived nights


All things pass