Blue Gold

With all the riches

We are still nothing without

Access to water

The section of my Future Learn course I’ve been looking at for the past couple of days focuses on water including the politics of access to water and water scarcity.  It also highlights the imbalance in our world and the impact that our water use can have on the rest of humanity.

“Most of the Earth is covered by seas and oceans accounting for over 97% of total water on the planet, leaving less than 3% of the planet’s water that is not salty (potable). Of the freshwater that is present, 2% is locked in icecaps and glaciers, and a large proportion of the remaining 1% lies too far underground to exploit.”

You can work out your water foot print at

Sustainability, Society and You

It’s day 2 of my Future Learn course, Sustainability, Society and You:


Dodo, figurehead

Of extinction leaves others

Invisible. Gone.


Extinction, part of

Evolution, increasing

Fervently. Blame man.


The most natural

Environment is one free

From humanity…?


Buy away your guilt:

Rosary beads, donations,

Carbon offsetting.