Nature and writing: September resources

In case anyone is interested, and so I can find them again if I need or want to, I’ve collected together a few of the resources I’ve used when pondering nature writing.  This does include duplicates of articles and videos mentioned in previous posts.


For ease, these are amazon links but please buy from your preferred shop or support your local library where possible.

For other books, check out this great list from First Person Naturalist.



If this is interesting you, you might want to check out my pinterest board which is one way I’m keeping track of articles and things I want to go back to when they are more appropriate to the aspect of nature and writing that I’m looking at.

3 thoughts on “Nature and writing: September resources”

  1. Thanks for including a link to my list of books at First Person Naturalist on your page! If readers are interested, my blog also includes a link to a free (partial) workbook that helps the reader explore nature writing: While I am at it, I published The Book of Noticing this year (collection of nature essays): You have an interesting blog here! I have started to follow it.

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